Sephora trip

May 12, 2016

I buy pretty much all my make-up from Sephora. I usually shop online but since I was at the town center and needed new foundation, I decided to stop in. They can match your skin color and tone with their “Color IQ” tool (&it’s free!). The tool takes three pictures of your skin. It takes one at the neck, one at the jaw line, and one on your forehead. Next, the Sephora associate asks what type of coverage/ finish you want in your foundation. I like a matte finish with medium coverage. She will show you the different brands and types available that have the “perfect” color foundation matched by the Color IQ tool for your skin. This is the second time that I have had my skin matched for foundation (the last time was during winter so I was pretty pale). Last time, I purchased Smashbox foundation and this time I decided to try the NARS foundation.







This primer smells really good! It goes on smoothly too. I have only used it once so far, but I really like it!

Benefit primer link



So far, this sponge seems to work just as well as the Beauty Blender (and it’s only $12!)

Sephora sponge link


I love this foundation! It goes on smoothly and isn’t too thick but it provides great coverage and has a matte finish.

Nars foundation link 


Everyone raves about this mascara so I decided to give it a try. I bought the “travel size” in case I didn’t like it. Turns out, it is as fantastic as everyone says. It makes your lashes longer and more voluminous. I even put it on my fake lashes and it made the lashes even more dramatic.

Mascara link


So when I went in Sephora yesterday, I told myself that I was only going to buy foundation …. well that didn’t last long (lol). The associate that was helping me pick out foundation showed me this under eye brightener. It’s made by Becca, a newer make-up company from Australia. It smells really good! And it really works. I seem to always have problems with darkness under my eyes (usually from lack of sleep & stress from law school). Once the associate put this under one eye and put a little concealer on, it was a night and day difference between the eye with the brightening corrector and the eye with just concealer. I definitely recommend it if you want to brighten under your eyes.

Under eye brightening corrector link

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