September 2, 2016

Last weekend I was in New York City for my birthday (I turned 24). I was able to get an appointment at Kleinfeld! Kleinfeld is the bridal store where TLC films Say Yes To The Dress! I have been dreaming of going there from the first time I saw the show.

I had an early appointment, 9:30 am. My fiancé, Tommy, came with me because I did not want to go to the appointment alone and his approval of the dress is very important to me! (Yes, I know how untraditional of me…and I picked out my ring too)

I checked in at the front desk and then waited for my consultant to greet me. My consultant, Robin, and an intern, Kat, brought me back to my consultant’s room where I would start trying on dresses. We began by having a conversation about dress styles that I like, the dresses that I saved on my Kleinfeld account, when my wedding is, where my wedding is, and my dress budget.

After the discussion, the consultant and intern went to go “pull” dresses that they thought I would like. I probably tried on over 20 dresses at Kleinfeld! I tried on Pnina Tornai, Peter Langner, Mark Zunino and more. Towards the end of the appointment I began narrowing the dresses down from which ones I “like” to the ones I “really like” with Tommy’s help.

I tried on a dress that I thought I loved but Tommy did not like the front of the dress so the consultant said she had one that was by the same designer with a different front but the same back. I tried on the dress and we both loved it! The consultant then took me out to the main area of the store (where they usually film the show) and put me up on the pedestal with a veil. I facetimed my parents so that they could see the dress and veil! My parents loved the dress too!

The consultant then said “do you love the dress?,” “do you see yourself wearing this dress on your wedding day?,” and then “are you saying YES to this dress?” And I said “Yes!” The whole salon was staring! She then told Tommy to come give me a hug and kiss – which was so sweet! (Tommy later told me that he thought it was weird lol)

I then went back into the changing room and a consultant from the alterations department came in and measured me. The dress I tried on was in “nude off white” and I ordered “off white off white.” The dress is being shipped to me in Florida so I will have the alterations done here. The customer service at Kleinfeld was awesome! The consultant and intern were great – it was everything I expected and more!

I included pictures from my experience – sorry about the quality! Tommy was taking them on my iPhone. (& no, the dress I got is not featured in any of the pictures! and neither is the one that is similar to my wedding dress!)



Waiting to try on dresses!


I cut out my head in the pictures because I was making weird faces (LOL). I can’t wait for my dress to arrive!

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