Sephora: Lip Box Review

December 9, 2016


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1. Benefit They’re Real – this lipstick is awesome! Two colors are made into one lipstick. I featured a picture of it (see above). The color shade is a pretty pink. The color is “Fuchsia Fever.”

2. Buxom – dark lip gloss. Not my favorite – I don’t really like the texture but the color is a beautiful dark purple. The color is “Kir Royale.” 

3. Ciaté London – REALLLY dark purple matte lip gloss. This color is too dark for me but would look beautiful on someone with either darker hair or a darker complexion (I’m too pale and blonde!). There are a bunch of other color options online, Sephora just included a dark color in the set. The color is “VooDoo.”

4. Estee Lauder Edit – at first I did not know what this lipstick was… the color is very dark. I googled it and found out that it is called a “shade transformer,” you put it on before another lip color to change the color.  So it is pretty useful to change up old lipstick colors by adding this lipstick! The color is “Turn Down” which darkens the lip color that you are already wearing. 

5. Know Cosmetics – this stuff creates a clear barrier on your lips so that the lipstick doesn’t bleed over your lip line. It works well! It comes in the form of a twist up pencil liner. 

6. Laura Mercier Pencil – traditional lip liner pencil. The shade is a light pink so it matches with a lot. I am not a fan of traditional lip liner pencils because you have to sharpen them. I like the kind that just roll up. The color is “Naked.”

7. Makeup Forever – classic red lipstick. Perfect for the Holidays. It goes on smooth. The red isn’t an obnoxious red either. The color is “M-401 MAT.”

8. Marc Jacobs – really pretty gloss! Smells good and makes my lips look plumper. The shade is a medium pinkish color. The color is “Pretty Thing.”

9. NARS – lip liner. This one is red and glides on really easily. The only downside is this one eventually does need a sharpener as well. The color is “Cruella.”

10. Smashbox – my FAVORITE lip liner out of the set. This lip liner twists up and glides on so smooth. The color is a traditional red – the name is “Crimson.” 

11. Stila – red matte lip gloss. Love the color! It stays on all night as well. I wore this color to my fiancé’s Christmas party. Just be careful that it does not get on your chin when you eat/drink or make sure you wipe it off!  The color is “Beso.”

12. Tarte – red lip liner. Pretty color – however it is a little difficult to put on. I had a piece of the top break off because it doesn’t glide very easily.  The color is “Mood Ring.”

13. Too Faced – This is a liquified matte lipstick. I love how it stays on all night even when sipping on wine. The color is “Sell Out.”

14. Yves Saint Laurent – goes on super smooth and creamy. This is a beige rouge color named Rogue Pur Couture. I love YSL. The only downside is that their products are pricey (but such good quality)! The color is “N° 70 Le Nu.”

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