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January 21, 2017


Pretty amazing before and after! I have gotten so many questions about my recent hair change so I decided to do a post about it. 

My hair is very “fine” – I have a decent amount of hair, it’s just really “fine.” As I started bleaching my hair, it began breaking easier and thus making it take forever to grow. In college I used clip-in extensions from Sally’s Beauty to add volume and length. Sometimes clip-in extensions don’t match perfectly to your hair color or it looks like a fashion mullet (thick up top, thin towards the ends of your hair). So since I knew engagement pictures were coming up and my wedding, etc. I decided it was time to upgrade to a more permanent extension. 

What kind of extensions do you have?

I have tape in extensions called “Quikkies”. They are taped into my head near the roots of my hair. 

What kind of hair do you use?

I have Hairdreams Quikkies. They are tiny self-adhesive strips made out of real human hair. They are very flat so they don’t show through your real hair. The hair salon that I go to orders the hair for me. 

How many extensions do you have in your hair?

I have 19 pieces total. 

Who does your hair?

Hayden at Cortello in Jacksonville Beach, FL. He does amazing work! 

How long do they take to put in?

They take about an hour to get them put in. As my hair grows out, I go in for appointments every 5-8 weeks to get my roots done which is also a perfect time to take the extensions out and put back in closer to my roots. They can be reused several times (the better you take care of them, the longer they can be reused).

What is the upkeep?

The extensions are very easy to take care of! You wash and dry them like normal hair. They are attached to your hair so there is no chance of them falling out, etc. and you don’t have to put them in everyday! The best thing about the extensions (other than the length!) is that they hold curls for a long time! I can curl my hair one day and wake up the next and still have curls – pretty awesome.

What is a normal hair appointment like for you? *this is in my own words – I don’t know all of the hair terms*

First, Hayden takes out all of my extensions by dissolving the adhesive strips on each extensions. Then my roots are bleached.  While my roots are processing, he cleans the extensions separately from my hair. After my roots are done, then Hayden tone’s my hair to give it an icey platinum color. Next, my hair is blow dried (my hair is naturally straight so nothing else has to be done to it). After my real hair is done then it is time to put each extension back in. It is a semi long process!

Are they expensive?

The extensions are definitely an investment in your hair. They are an accessory that you never take off and wear everyday. 

Would you recommend these extensions?

Yes! I love them! 



My hair after my appointment yesterday!


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