Off the shoulder top

February 8, 2017

I really love off the shoulder tops/dresses (if you can’t tell)!

This week I’ve been so busy trying to get done a lot school work done so I can enjoy the weekend. I have a direct examination to present in my trial class tomorrow…fingers crossed that everything goes well. I also somehow got sick so taking all the emergen-C and Zicam I can!

P.S. I want to do a post soon about my make-up routine and my favorite make-up products. I also want to do more posts about my favorite recipes. I cook dinner pretty much every night during the week unless we have dinner plans with friends/family. It is so much healthier to cook at home – although the worst part is probably cleaning  everything up at the end.

Top // Jeans (my favorite!)

So I love the jeans I am wearing in this pic (AG) – I found out about them from my favorite blogger (EmilyAnnGemma). They are so comfy and are totally worth the price. I wear them so often and they don’t stretch out when you wear them. Funny story, the other day I was doing laundry and realized that my fiancé, Tommy, also has a pair of AG jeans that one of his friends gave him. I am like who knew you were so stylish! (lol)

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