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August 14, 2017

Happy Monday! I recently visited the St. John’s Town Center to shop. While I was there I picked up some of my favorite make-up items and some new things to try. 


MAC FOUNDATION – I love this foundation! I’ve been wearing Estee Lauder Double Wear for over a year now and I love it but was wanting to try something else. I used to wear MAC senior year of high school and in college. After trying it again, I realize that I still love it! The coverage is just right for me. Tommy, my fiancé, doesn’t like when I wear super heavy, full coverage foundation (like the Kat Von D foundation) so I was happy when he told me he liked this foundation! It gives a good amount of coverage and it does not appear cakey. As of now, I think I actually like this foundation better than the Double Wear. 

MAC 109 BRUSH – I usually apply my make-up with a beauty blender so when I purchased the new foundation I decided to purchase a new foundation brush. I like this brush a lot. I don’t have much to compare it to because I usually use a beauty blender and before I used a beauty blender, I just used sponges. I am going to continue to use this to apply my foundation. It works well to get in small spaces near my eyes and the corners of my nose. 

ARDELL 105 LASHES – if you read my blog over a year ago, I did an eyelash tutorial. These are the lashes that I featured in the tutorial. I wear these lashes every day! I get so many questions about my eyelashes – most people ask if I have extensions or go to a beauty salon to have my eyelashes put on. But this is all I use – Ardell #105! The best part about them is that they are inexpensive and they look great! I am curious about eyelash extensions and I may get them for my honeymoon so I don’t have to wear make-up everyday. If I decide to get eyelash extensions, I will definitely do a blog post on it!

DUO EYELASH GLUE – one of the keys to false eyelashes looking great is the GLUE! I tell people all the time about this glue. Most people wear false eyelashes with clear or white glue which is why the false eyelashes are noticeably fake looking. Dark glue appears more natural looking and shows up almost like an eyeliner or dark lash line. This is the glue I have been using ever since I began wearing eyelashes. It is also inexpensive and usually lasts 6 months depending on the size tube you buy (I’ve seen a smaller size and a larger size in this brand). 

SEPHORA LASHCRAFT – my favorite mascara is Too Faced Better Than Sex but when I saw this advertised at Sephora I decided to try it. It is about half the price of the Too Faced Mascara. I actually really like this Mascara! It is a definite win! It works just as well as the Too Faced mascara but I did notice that it takes a little bit longer to dry. I made the mistake of not being careful after I put it on and ended up getting mascara on my skin underneath my eyes (that is the hardest to fix!!). 

KA-BROW BENEFIT  – Love this stuff! My eyebrows are micro bladed but when I put on foundation, I still darken my eyebrows to make it match the rest of my makeup. I wear shade #2 which is a light brown color and is perfect with blonde hair. This stuff was recommended to me by a sales associate at Sephora because I couldn’t get any other eyebrow stuff to work on my skin. I tried the Anastasia brow kit and it just never turned out right/ showed up very well on my skin. This Ka-Brow stuff easily glides on your skin which is my favorite part about it. It also includes a small eyebrow brush in the top of the container. 

DRYBAR SAMPLER – I picked this up near the cash register at Sephora where all the samples are! I love a good dry shampoo so I decided to buy this. So far, I have only tried the dry shampoo. I really like the dry shampoo. I think it does the job and definitely gets rid of the greasy look and feel of unwashed hair. When you spray it, it turns into a powder on your scalp. Tommy told me that he really doesn’t like the smell. He thinks it smells like chemicals but I think it smells good! I still really like using baby powder as dry shampoo because it works great for blondes and it is so inexpensive! I also like the Oribe dry shampoo because it smells so good! 

SEPHORA MINI SPONGES  I bought these because I wanted to see if they work as well as the mini beauty blender. They do work just as well! I have been using these for my concealer underneath my eyes. (I wet the sponges first before I use them)

SEPHORA SETTING SPRAY – I don’t usually use setting spray. I picked this up because it was inexpensive and I was curious if it worked well. I am not a fan of this stuff… It sprayed out a lot of liquid and left very tiny, almost like puddles on my face and made my foundation pretty wet. I don’t think that it works very well. I did try using it a different way which worked better. I used it to freshen up my makeup after wearing my makeup for 6+ hours. So if you were going to purchase this, I would use it to freshen up your makeup, not as a setting spray. 

LAURA MERCIER SETTING POWDER – this stuff is the BEST! My best friend, Kimmie, and I swear by this stuff. I put this on everyday after putting on my face make-up (foundation, blush, etc.). It works great to keep your make-up looking matte especially during humid Florida summers. 

LAURA MERCIER CAVIER STICK – if you saw my Instagram story about a month ago, you probably saw me raving about these. I do NOT know how to wear eyeshadow, but  love the look of eyeshadow. I am sure if I knew how to wear it that I would wear it more. Well, these caviar sticks are amazing! They look great on and the colors are super pretty and metallic-y. You basically just “color” the stick on your eyelid and then you can blend it up to your brow with an eyeshadow brush. I really want to buy more colors because they have so many good option. These are so easy to use and they looks great!


– amethyst

What the colors look like on my skin:

The top is amethyst and the bottom is moonlight.




All opinions are my own. 





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