25 things about me for my 25th birthday!

August 21, 2017

Dress // Shoes // Hair (c/o MyDry Blowout Bar)

Yesterday, I turned 25 and decided to do a blog post with 25 facts about me! I had a great weekend with family, friends, and my fiancé. I definitely feel very loved! 


1 – My favorite subject in school has always been history (It still is my favorite thing to learn about). It is also my favorite genre of books to read. My favorite type of history is American history especially the Civil War and WWII. I also was fascinated by fashion history as a child and still have some of those fashion books!

2 – My favorite food item is potatoes. I absolutely love them anyway they can be cooked – mashed, baked, fried, scalloped, au gratin, etc! (However I hate sweet potatoes)

3 – I’ve lived all over the United States since my dad was in the Navy. We lived in California (San Diego, Coronado, and Camarillo), Virginia, Tennessee, and Florida (where I was born and where I live now)! My favorite is Florida 🙂

4 – Tommy, my fiancé, and I met on Tinder. Surprisingly, for our first date he took me out to Roy’s in Jax Beach!

5 – We have three yellow labs. Two are English Labradors, they are stockier, have thicker tails, and have “block” heads. The other (Moose) is an American Lab. The two English Labs (Bay and Cali) are half-sisters, they have the same dad and both came from Deep Run Retrievers in Virginia.

6 – My favorite perfume is the original Tory Burch perfume!

7 – I really like to cook. I cook dinner all the time for Tommy and I. It is so much better than eating out all the time!

8 – My favorite type of food is Italian. I love vodka pasta!

9 – I am getting married February 17, 2018! Less than 200 days from now.

10 – I am the oldest of four children. I have two sisters and one brother. My youngest sibling and I are ten years apart!

11 -I went to Florida State University for my undergraduate degree and majored in Criminology and minored in Psychology. I was a Delta Gamma at FSU.

12 – My favorite thing to drink besides water is red wine and champagne. My favorite type of red wine is Merlot. I am not really into drinking liquor and beer. However, I do love margaritas!

13 – I hate shopping in person. I love shopping online!

14 – My favorite workout is Pure Barre. I absolutely love it! I was never someone that was really into working out but I definitely enjoy Pure Barre. You don’t think about anything else while you are working out because it is so challenging. I also like the fact that you just wear socks!

15 -My favorite sport to watch is football. My favorite team is the FSU Seminoles – go noles! My favorite professional team is the Jaguars since I am from/live right next to Jacksonville.

16 – I really want to travel to Europe (Italy, Greece, Germany, France, and Austria). I’ve only been to Ireland so far.

17 – I am a very organized person! Tommy and I’s closet is color coordinated and everything is very organized! Everything in our house has a specific place aka the item has a “home.” My mom is a professional organizer so she definitely rubbed off on me and she showed me how to organize my closet with baskets, containers, etc.

18 – I love when everything goes according to what I plan. I love planning – trips, parties at my house, etc. I also really like to look at menus before I go to restaurants.

19 – I think the best way to drink coffee is black. The only time I don’t drink it black is when I go to Starbucks, I order a skinny iced caramel macchiato.

20 – I am 5′ 8.” I am the tallest female in my family.

21 – My favorite accessory right now are big earrings (tassel, beaded, etc.)

22 – I prefer email and text over talking on the phone…exception: I like talking to my mom over the phone.

23 – I love having candles burning in our house all the time. It makes the house feel so much more cozy and it smells good too! 

24 – I don’t really have a favorite tv show but I really like Botched, Tosh.0, House of Cards, Narcos, and The Bachelor/Bachelorette. 

25 – I love make-up! I love looking my best all the time! I am not afraid to not wear make-up, some days I don’t. I just feel best and most put together when I completely get ready head to toe with make-up included. 


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