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September 15, 2017

I love athleisure – it’s perfect for work around the house, running errands, and actually working out! I looove Alo and Zella leggings (#1-4). Since starting Pure Barre almost two years ago, I have started collecting more and more leggings and cute workout tops/sports bras.  

Pure Barre is a 55 minute class offered at Pure Barre studios. I really like it because it focuses on the main woman “problem areas” – arms, abs, butt, and thighs. This is this first time I have stuck with working out for a long time (I have taken a couple months break throughout my 2 years at Pure Barre due to school, traveling, being sick, etc.). One of my favorite parts: you don’t wear shoes, just socks! Pure Barre just launched a new class, Pure Empower. Pure Empower is more cardio based class – it is 10 minutes shorter but you burn more calories and sweat way more (in a regular pure barre class sometimes you don’t get sweaty at all)! Pure Barre also focuses on lengthening your muscles and making them lean. The classes are always pretty difficult because the teachers change the routines often (adding new moves/exercises) so different muscles are always being worked. In addition, the difficulty of the class makes you forgot outside distractions and causes you to focus and have a “mind body connection.”

I now feel that I have to do some sort of exercise each day or at least every other day even if it is just taking my dogs on a walk! I just realized that I am happier and feel so much better overall when I do something “good” for my body. The other thing that I make sure I do everyday is to drink lots of water! Tommy told me the other day that my body has become a lot more toned since we first started dating! 🙂

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