June 24, 2016

The beauty routine question that I get asked the most is about my faux eyelashes. I get them from my friends, family and strangers. I thought I would do a blog post about them with pictures to show how simple putting on lashes can be.

I wear my lashes pretty much 365 days a year. I take them off before bed and put them on when I do my make up in the morning. The lashes I wear are from CVS/Walgreens/Target, etc. The brand is Ardell & I like to wear #105. I usually get about one week use out of a pair of eyelashes depending how well I take care of them.



Welcome to my make-up vanity, I get ready here every morning. This is me without any eye make-up on (LOL)


These lashes are the ones I am wearing in this tutorial. I use that glue to put my lashes on. 


This glue is my favorite because it comes out as a dark color. Unlike clear/white glues, it also drys dark. It makes your eyes look like there’s eyeliner on the top lids. Using the clear glue makes it noticeable that you are wearing fake eyelashes.


These lashes are Ardell #105…my favorite!


First, I begin by pulling each lash off of the container. Be careful when you pull the lashes off, you could distort them if you pull them off too fast, etc. Next, I put a thin layer of glue on each lash. I then let the lash dry for 30-60 seconds before applying it to my eyelid. (*Note: the glue will turn a darker grey color as it gets drier)


I sometimes blow on the lashes to get them to dry faster.


Once the glue isn’t super wet, I place the lashes on my eyelids. I press down the inner and outer corners first and then press down the center. Try to get them to line up as close as possible to your natural lash line. You can always adjust them before the glue dries completely!


Time for the other side! 


Adjusting the second set of lashes


Almost done…time for mascara!


I usually do one or two coats of mascara on each set of lashes. It helps to blend the fake eyelashes in with your natural lashes.


I like to use the yellow Maybelline colossal mascara


I also like to use Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara


No lashes – just natural lashes. I put on all my make up before applying the fake eyelashes.


After applying the lashes (before mascara)


The complete look (lashes + mascara)!

Let me know if anyone has questions! I would love to help! xoxo

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